Dedicated Server FAQ

Dedicated Server – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for new server orders?

New servers are generally set up within three business days after the order is placed and the order invoice processed.

Do you offer servers with the Windows operating system installed?

At this time, we do not offer servers with Windows installed, nor do we have plans to introduce this line in the foreseeable future.

Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?

All servers are carried on a month to month contract (even if a longer contract period is selected during the ordering process) unless otherwise specified in the client’s contract and agreed to by both the client and Hosting Matters. Server cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the next renewal date of invoicing.

What software is installed by default on new servers?

All new servers are set up with CentOS, the apache web server, php, mySQL, exim, ZendGuard, IonCube Loaders, a software firewall application, and perl.

What control panels are offered on dedicated servers?

The control panel recommended is cPanel, a flexible, powerful, and user-friendly control panel both for administrative functions and client use. At this time, only this control panel is offered if the control panel option is selected during the ordering process.

Is hardware replacement included for dedicated servers?

Hardware that is faulty or fails through no action of the client will be replaced at no charge.

Will I have full root access to my server?

Root access is granted for any dedicated server. The root password must be kept on file with support at all times to ensure there are no delays if any issues arise on the server that require attention and so that routine maintenance, such as kernel updates, can be performed.

What if I need help? Is support 24/7? Is there an emergency paging system?

We are pleased to offer the same level of technical support to dedicated server clients as we offer to all other clients. If there is an issue on which you require our assistance, contact us via the helpdesk and we’ll be glad to help. Support for dedicated servers, like support for all clients, is available 24/7. An emergency paging address is provided for dedicated server clients after setup, in the event an emergency ticket to the helpdesk is not answered within 10 minutes.

How much is additional bandwidth?

Bandwidth overages are charged at $1.50 per gig for actual usage.

What if I need more IP addresses?

Additional IP addresses can be requested by contacting the helpdesk. Usage of current IP addressing space should be at 80% utilization prior to (or shortly after) requests are made for further IP addresses. Additional IPs are charged at $5 per month per block of 10 IP addresses. There is also a $5 setup fee per request. Periodic audits of IP usage will be performed by Hosting Matters, for accounting and growth purposes.

Are dedicated server monitored? Will I be able to see the monitoring site for my server(s)?

All servers come with basic monitoring, which will poll the server every 90 seconds from a remote location to determine if it is reachable (up/down ping test). Enhanced monitoring, to monitor other services (HTTP, FTP, SSH, POP, SMTP, mySQL, DNS, Load Averages) is also available as an addon package during the ordering process. Additional monitoring services can also be added after setup by contacting the helpdesk. Notification alerts from the remote monitoring systems can be sent to any email address or SMS-capable device. Restricted login access to the monitoring system permits dedicated clients to see their server(s) only.

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