Managed Services

All servers provided through Hosting Matters are managed to the extent detailed below. Every server includes basic managed services including initial operating system installation and testing, hardware maintenance when required, basic ping monitoring from a remote facility, basic troubleshooting support for operating system, standard packages, and control panel software (if cPanel is selected), control panel software installation and configuration (if cPanel is selected), and reboot services.

Operating system setup and testing:

Hosting Matters will perform a standard operating system installation and test the configuration of that installation. Currently,CentOS Linux is the operating system supported without additional charges for installation and configuration. For clients who select cPanel as a control panel option, we will install and configure cPanel during the server setup at no additional charge beyond the licensing fee for cPanel.

Hardware maintenance:

Hosting Matters will provide hardware replacements for failed components at no charge. Any operating system or control panel reinstallation required due to failed hardware replacement will be performed at no charge. Please see the section entitled “Backups and data recovery” for information on data recovery after any required system reinstallation.

Basic monitoring:

Every server will be monitored on a single service from a remote facility. By default, a server will be pinged every 90 seconds to determine up/down status, although another service/port can be specified by the client upon server setup. Notifications of failed tests will be generated to an address provided by the client. Email and SMS gateway messages are currently supported. In addition, notifications will be dispatched to Hosting Matters in the event of a service failure. Hosting Matters technicians will attempt to restart the failed service when such notifications are received. Additional port monitoring is available for a small monthly fee. The available ports for monitoring are: HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, Load Average, DNS, Ping. Please contact the Hosting Matters support team at if you wish to add further monitoring to your server package.

Backups and data recovery:

Hosting Matters recommends the purchase of a backup device and/or service at all times. If backups are created via scripting provided by Hosting Matters, either directly or indirectly via the client purchase of other software licensing, Hosting Matters will attempt to leave damaged data drives in place (or make them available) in the event a complete system restore becomes necessary due to hardware failure and replacement. As with all data processes, Hosting Matters cannot guarantee the viability or availability of any backup performed via scripting or manually. Dedicated clients are advised to ensure that their clients are aware of the importance of client-made backups, in the event a data backup is unusable for any reason. Hosting Matters will not take responsibility for lack of backups on any client machine, for any reason, concurrent with the same provision in the general Acceptable Use Policy, which can be found at

Other services:

Hosting Matters will, at its discretion, provide other software installation and support on a fee-based basis. The current fee for non-managed and unsupported services can be found on the dedicated server plan page, located at Fee-based support will be billed in fifteen (15) minute increments.


Dedicated server clients agree to provide Hosting Matters with a notice of cancellation no less than thirty (30) days prior to the client’s next billable contract period. Cancellations not received within that period are subject to the monthly fee for the upcoming period.

Indemnification and Governance:

All customers agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Hosting Matters from any and all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims, attorney’s fees, damages, awards, judgments, or actions that may arise from the use of this service other than as expressly authorized by the terms of this policy. Hosting Matters makes no warranties, expressly or implied, for this service. This service is offered on an “as is” basis, and customers waive all claims as noted above that may arise from the inability to use this service as provided. The recourse available to customers should customers become dissatisfied with this service, the terms of this service, or any policy, practice, or guideline as set by Hosting Matters will be limited to discontinuation of service as denoted in the Account Policies and Cancellation item above. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida and the United State of America. Customers agree that all services provided by Hosting Matters are deemed to have been requested in and provided in Duval County, Florida, and that jurisdiction for any and all claims or disputes shall reside there.

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