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Hosting Matters, Inc. greatly respects the importance of maintaining client privacy of the personal information submitted as part of the ordering process. This policy describes the type of information collected, its use, and its disclosure for users of this site.


We collect certain personally identifiable information from clients as part of the account setup procedure. This information is used only for the recordkeeping and billing that is required to process payments for services. From time to time we may request certain information from you to verify identity when certain types of account-related requests are made, including support requests. Certain areas of this site, such as the forums and the support desk web interface, use cookies (a small information file that a web server can place on a client computer) to remember your information the next time you visit the area. Use of those cookies is left to the discretion of the client, and such use falls under the umbrella of this policy as well.

Your IP address is collected at the time an order is submitted, for verification and anti-fraud purposes. When you submit a support request from within the client area, your IP (when available) is collected. We may also request your IP address for the purposes of troubleshooting issues with the service or to determine routing issues. This information is saved within the client area and is accessible only by us. No IP address information is shared with any other party without authorization by you or for the purposes of complying with legal directives, such as a subpoena.

We do not collect information related to gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual or gender orientation, age, or employment status. Personal information you may share in the course of your use of the service on your site(s) is not covered by this privacy policy.

Your name, address, and billing information is saved as part of account identification and for the purposes of invoicing for services provided to you by us. This information is accessible by us and you, and is not shared with other parties unless you explicitly permit others to access your profile for the purposes of billing or support requests, or if we receive a subpoena to release the information to law enforcement entities. By use of this service, you agree to update this information as needed to ensure the data is correct.


Information provided to us will not be shared with or disclosed by us to any third party. Clients who include their web site in their signatures in the forums, or who provide us with their sitename voluntarily as part of our list of available reference sites for potential clients will have only their sitename disclosed. Any personally identifiable informtion placed on those sites is placed at the discretion of the client, and is not bound by this policy.

Certain federal, state, and local regulations may require that we disclose non-public personal information about you, including your name, address, or IP address-specific information related to your client area profile or your web site(s). In those circumstances, only the specific information requested by subpoena or court order will be provided to the requesting party, and only for their use.


Our site or forums may contain links to other web sites. We are not responsible for the content, purpose, products, or services of those sites. Please be aware at all times that information you might provide to other sites, whether hosted by us or not, is not governed by this policy.


This policy may be revised from time to time. Clients should periodically review this policy to note any modifications.

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