Unmetered Plan

You’ve Landed!

You’re probably wondering just what all this unmetered business is.

The Short Version

The term unmetered simply indicates there are no particular limits to the resources allocated to your account. This means that you pay one price for the things you need, without worrying about individual pricing for anything or about general account upgrades in the future. That price? Just $11 per month, with discounts for longer contract periods.

What’s Included? (AKA, The Long Version)

The unmetered plan is the same as the other hosting plans we offer, and includes space for storage, email, mailing lists, autoresponders, mySQL databases, phpMyAdmin and remote mySQL, the Softaculous autoinstaller functionality (to allow the easy installation of applications to your account), spam filtering, statistics applications, index and error page control: in short, it’s a full-fledged hosting account, with all the tools you need to build or expand your site(s). You also get our 24/7 in-house support, never outsourced, to address any issues or concerns that you may have.

What are the conditions?

The conditions on usage of services here for the unmetered plan are the same as are defined in our Acceptable Use Policy. The most important of these conditions to keep in mind for unmetered clients are the prohibitions against using the space for the purposes of major software repositories or distributions, excessive CPU/memory resource usage may require a change to a dedicated server or alternative that may incur additional fees (never fear: we are quite flexible and reasonable about this), and the space cannot be resold to third parties (this is why we have reseller plans available – if you are interested in a reseller package, including transfers of existing reseller packages from other locations or bulk type reseller accounts, please contact us for options). In addition, the files stored on the servers are restricted to those for use on the web site(s) under the account. Use of the space as a general backup point for personal systems is not allowed. Of course, there is no spamming permitted from this network, ever.

Can you help me transfer my site? My domain? Are there fees for these services?

Of course we can! It’s actually one of the hallmarks of our service here that we go above and beyond in order to get clients situated and then about their business with as little fuss as possible. If the current host is using cPanel as the control panel, we can usually do a server to server transfer, depending on the load and responsiveness of the remote server. If that is not possible, or if the site is at a host using a different control panel, we can and will manually transfer your site to our network. There may be manual recreation of certain items required, such as mailboxes, when the transfer is done from a host using different systems than ours. We charge no fees for transferring sites into the network or reconfiguring them if that is required for purposes of paths, usernames in scripts, or other modifications that may be necessary.

We can also transfer domains into our management queues as well – virtually any domain extension can be transferred. The transfer fee varies based on the domain extension, but the most common extension types (.com, .net, .org, and others) carry a $12 transfer fee. Other domain extensions, including country code specific extensions, are invoiced at various rates depending on what the registrar sets. Transfers also extend the registration period by a year beyond the current period. Subsequent renewals are invoiced at the standard rates, which can be viewed on our Domains page. Please note that domains must be unlocked at the current registrar before they can be transferred, and the transfer request must include the authorization code or equivalent, which can be obtained from the current registrar when the lock status is verified to be off.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), Paypal (either manually processed, or via subscription), and check/money order. All invoicing is done in US Dollars only, and payment must be in US Dollars as well.

I’m ready! Sign me up!

Glad to have you! Click here to get started with the process. If you would like us to transfer your site in from another location, please note that in the comments so we can contact you for the information that will be required to initiate the process.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time by sending an email to support@hostmatters.com or by opening a ticket through the client system via the Client Area. Submitting a ticket via the web interface does not require a login. Once a profile is created via an order, tickets can be tracked by logging in with the email address on your profile.

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